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With a six months to go to Trinidad Carnival

2022, on February 28-March 1, thousands, especially artistes, promoters, steelband folk and mas people, are anxious to know whether we will have some semblance of the national festival. With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to ravage the world, T&T valiantly challenges its grim realities, protocols and restrictions with a hyped vaccination drive hopeful that the health authorities would allow the staging of some carnival events.

This year, a few promoters and artistes hosted virtual shows, with fewer, like young Sekon Starr, College Boy Jesse and Erphaan Alves actually hosting live shows.

The last National Calypso Monarch to be crowned, Terri Lyons, came up with an excellent idea to stage the popular Kaiso Fiesta, usually held in Skinner Park, San Fernando. Said Lyons:

"That event is virtually virtual in any case as most people watch it from home on television. Yes, a huge audience attends in the Park but more people stay home and watch it on TV."

Terri's idea is endorsed by 2016 National Calypso Monarch Devon Seale.

Today, PULSE BY BLOODLINE takes Terri's idea a little further - why not stage Kaiso Fiesta with a live audience, but with a difference? Make it a vaccine-only event, allowing only vaccinated performers and patrons into the venue? It will follow the model that is allowing the Miami Broward One Carnival Host Committee to stage Miami Carnival 2021 on October 8-10. This year, all masqueraders and attendees must wear a mask at all times and produce an official negative PCR test result.

With New York Labour Day Carnival cancelled because of Covid-19, Miami Carnival will begin on October 8 with the staging of the Panorama competition. Miami J'Ouvert will be held on Saturday, October 9 at 7 a.m., and the Parade of the Bands will be held on October 10. All Miami Carnival events will be held at the Miami Dade County Fair & Expo Grounds.

Using this model, I am sure that we can have some of our traditional carnival events, especially concert-type shows, probably even calypso tents?

We had no carnival this year and people are starving for carnival entertainment.

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