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Divas Calypso Cabaret

Divas Calypso Cabaret, managed by Dr Rudy Ottley, is hosting the grand final of the inaugural National Kaiso Ambataila Lip Sync Competition on Saturday, October 30.

The competition this year is for women only. The aim is to bring more exposure to the Calypso art form. There is a research element as contestants were given specific tasks based on the round of competition.

The preliminary stage of the competition was pretty much open to the selection of any calypso the contestants felt compelled to lip-sync.

The semi-final round of competition, which began on October 18, required that a winning Road March song be submitted for adjudication.

Fifteen women contested the Semi-Final round. The independent judging panel selected eight finalists and the general public will be allowed to vote for two finalists of the remaining seven. These two are called The Public Save. There will be 10 Grand Finalists in total.

For the grand final, contestants will be required to lip synch calypsoes performed by National Calypso Monarchs.

The Finals will take place on October 30 as all contestants will be posted on Divas official page on Facebook on that day with their final presentation.

For the finals, the public gets to vote for a People's Choice winner.

Contact STACEY SOBERS-ABRAHAM at 748 3346

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