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The month of October has been dedicated to the memory of late Rapso griot Brother Resistance (Lutalo Masimba) who died on July 14. The month when Calypso History Month is commemorated, Trinbago Unified Calypso Organisation (TUCO) appropriately dubbed October "Ring De Bell," one of Resistance's trademark songs. Besides being a pioneer of the Rapso genre of calypso, Brother Resistance served as TUCO president for more than a decade.

Although one radio station has refused to play any calypso music through October, a few have. The most participatory ones include WACK 90.1FM, I95.5FM and 105.1FM. Since the start of October, I95.5FM has included several hours of vintage kaiso music to its daily playlist, with hosts like John Gill, Sheriff, Stormin' Tom, Twiggy, Devon Seale and Keith Diaz setting the pace.

Also deserving of kudos for its promotion of the month has been TTT, especially with its Friday morning NOW production, hosted by Rawkus, Natalee and Ainka.

The WACK Network has been most proactive through October, collaborating with TUCO and calypsonians to produce some excellent programmes. On Friday, October 15, the WACK Virtual Platform is alive with the hosting of "Long Gone but Living on in Calypso," at 5 p.m., featuring some of the best exponents of humorous calypso.

WACK focuses on the youth of calypso on Friday, October 22 by producing "We Know Calypso," at 5 p.m.

0ther WACK productions this month are "Mother of them all," on Friday, October 29, at 5 p.m., featuring the divas of the art form, and the Rhand Credit Union Calypso Event at 6 p.m.

Former National Calypso Queen Stacey Sobers stages another edition of her critically acclaimed "Crackers & Cheese," on Saturday, October 30.

Stay tuned into TTT, and the WACK Network and I95.5FM daily for some delectable servings of traditional calypso.

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