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By now, in normal times, T&T Carnival would have seen well on its way. The stage and North Stand at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, would have been constructed, as well as the bleachers on South Quay, Victoria Square and Adam Smith Square.

The National Carnival Commission would have launched the festival and Tribe Ice and Soka in Moka would have been history. But, we are locked in the Covid-19 pandemic and, for the second year, there'd be no pre-Lenten T&T Carnival.

Several special interest groups, creatives and carnival folk have commented on the possibility of a T&T Carnival 2022. Thus far, the best doable option has come from RGP boss Randy Glasgow who has suggested that, should we try to have a Safe Zone Carnival, we should aim for August to stage it to commemorate our nation's 60th anniversary of Independence.

An August Carnival in the midst of a pandemic would necessitate meticulous planning, starting from this first week of the year. It would mean that all participants must be fully vaccinated and possible safe zones identified.

Also critical would be the need for honest, lucid and transparent communication between the powers that be and the main players of our national festival.

So, if we really want a carnival in eight months, get vaccinated and practice the three Ws: Wear your face mask, Wash your hands and Watch your distance.

I must end today's edition on a sad note as we lost four of our cultural icons in the first week of the new year - Mighty Bomber, popular Soca Parang artiste Kenny J, Kaisojazz icon Clive Alexander and Desperadoes Elders Organisation treasurer Locksley Alleyne. May they RIP.

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