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Flowers of Trinidad & Tobago continue to blossom globally and Jewel Alexander is one of them. Originally from Barataria and a graduate of St Francois Girls' College in Belmont, Jewel now resides in Brentwood, Tennessee, and is a budding author in the USA.

Jewel recently launched her new book - "Grandma's Song" - a publication she describes as "a heartwarming story for children and caregivers," based on real events in her life. The book is available on Amazon. With World Alzheimer's Day recently observed on Tuesday, September 21, the release of Jewel's book is most timely. In the book, Grandma comes to stay with Gem and her mom. When Gem discovers her beloved grandma's memory is fading, she devices a plan to help her remember. Statistics suggest that many families will encounter the effects of cognitive impairment in a loved one over the age of 65. Further, according to Alzheimer's Disease International, "someone in the world develops dementia every three seconds."

Through Gem, children will learn that there is still hope when life situations change, and they can use their creativity to cope with these challenges. This heartwarming story reveals Grandma's love of music and her pioneering spirit. "Grandma's Song" is recommended for children aged 5-11, parents, and anyone caring for a loved one who is experiencing cognitive decline. Music has been an integral part of Jewel's early development as she began piano lessons from the tender age of three. She played pan with Solo Harmonites and Amoco Renegades and has many years of National Panorama experience under her belt.

Jewel graduated from Andrews University with a degree in Behavioural Sciences and Music Education. In her final year of studies, she undertook Creative Writing as an elective. Her professor encouraged her to pursue the art of writing, and there, the seed of becoming an author was planted. (PULSE BY BLOODLINE is sponsored by NLCB)

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